EUWELD®210 is a coated special tin – nickel bronze electrode for joining and surfacing of all types of bronze, copper, cast iron and steel. Nickel content makes the deposited material harder and wear resistant. Deposits are uniform and porosity free. Slag is easy to remove.


Non porosity deposited material on bronze, cast iron and steel, high tensile strength weldment especially on the phosphor bronze, flat position welding, easy slag removal etc. Preheat is not usually required.

  BASE MATERIAL: Copper and copper alloys, steels, cast irons, bronze, nickel and its alloys etc.   MECHANICAL PROPERTIES:

Tensile strength Rm (N/mm²) Elongation % Hardness HB 2,5 / 187,5 / 30
410 33 110


Diameter(mm) 2,5 3,2 4,0
Min   (A) 60 100 150
Max   (A) 100 160 240



The electrode is for arc welding of copper and bronze with other metals. Surfacing of cast iron and steel. Valves housings, housings, machine bearings, transmission wheals, pump propellers etc.