Steel, Bronze and Aluminum

EUWELD® MAGIC METAL is a hardening compound based on either steel, bronze or aluminum ready for instant use, without adding any other components and without mixing or heating.

Application is unlimited, and it is especially useful in the situations when it is necessary to build up or fill up with the metal without heating.

It hardens in 5 to 10 min even under water. Chemicals and corrosion resistant. Can be machined, drilled and tapped.

PVC, Wood, Steel, Concrete, Glass, Copper, Ceramic, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Pipes, Brick, Porcelain, Brass, Chrome, Plastics.

Users Guide :

– for better results, clean and grind to material on which you will add EUWELD® MAGIC METAL

– remove the protective foil and plastic wrapping.

– squeeze or roll the piece between your fingers to initiate the reaction.

– mixing is easily accomplished by hand and total mix indicated by observing the bleeding of the two distinctively different colored components.

– apply to area requiring repair and shape as needed.

– reapply protective end foil and store resin in its original package.

– repaired area can be machined in about 20 minutes if required.

Mechanical properties: 

Working time – 5 minutes

Hardening time required – minimum 20 min

Maximum working temperature – 182°C

Hardness Shore D – 90

Resistance to pressure – 14 kg/mm2

Tensile strength – 5,6 kg/m²