Founded in 1990, EUWELD® is the global specialist in alloyed cored welding wires. Each of our DRILL-SHIELD hardbanding wires is specifically formulated and produced in-house utilizing our own manufacturing technology and from extensive Oil & Gas industry knowledge.


DRILL-SHIELD®  the ultimate protection for your drill string and casing.


DRILL-SHIELD Non Mag sets the standard in joint protection for non-magnetic drill collars and tools. The ultra-low magnetism and permeability of the hardband exceeds the requirements set forth by the API. It is formulated for both buildup and / or hardbanding. During hardbanding it is recommended to use a non-magnetic tungsten carbide drop for ultimate protection.

It is designed for the protection of standard austenitic stainless steels, chromium-manganese, and nitrogen-bearing austenitic stainless steels. It may be applied over defect free laser clad, PTA (plasma transferred arc), or other traditional non magnetic hardbanding wires.


Non-magnetic austenitic deposit

Metal-cored = Increased productivity

Non-cracking, spalling, chipping, or flaking Corrosion resistant

Good ductility

Highest grade alloying elements

Industry leading manufacturing and quality control


Welding Parameters:

Wire diameter 1/16″ (1.6 mm)
Current / Polarity DCEP / Reverse
Shielding Gas(s) 98% Ar – 2% O
Gas Flow: Rate 35 CFH (16.5 LPM)
Welding Amps 260 to 300 amps
Welding Voltage 26 to 29 volts
Wire Stickout “S” 0.75″ to 1.20″ (19mm to 30mm), from contact tip
Torch Angle “A” 0 deg. to 15 deg.
Torch Offset “O” 0.0″ to 1.25″ (0 mm to 32 mm), depends on O.D.
Preheat 100oF to 150oF (38oC to 66oC)
Interpass Temp Maximum 500oF (260oC)
Cooling Rate Air Cool

* Circulate water through the I.D. to disperse the heat *

Typical Properties

Permeability ≤ 1.005 API max = 1.010

Magnetism ≤ ± 0.030 μT API max = ± 0.050 μT

Non mag 1

Fully austenitic grain structure

Non mag 2


With over 25 years of experience and operations in 38 countries, Euweld, fully supports their products and end-users by providing technical support within the field as well as in the office and training centers.

For technical expertise, contact:

Welding products and techniques evolve constantly. All descriptions, illustrations and properties given in this data sheet are subject to change without notice and can only be considered as suitable for general guidance. This document is intended to help the user make the correct choice of product. It is his responsibility to assess its suitability for his intended application. DRILL-SHIELD is a registered trademark of the Euweld.