EUWELD®303 is a specially designed, universal and unique, high alloyed austenite – ferrite electrode for welding of all types of steels and cast steels (difficult to weld steels, easy to weld steels, steels with high hardness, springs steels, spindles etc).


It is highly recommended for welding of different and unknown composition steels such as: unalloyed or alloyed construction steels with high alloyed chrome or chrome – nickel steels, for joining or building up of manganese steels as well as their welding with other steels. EUWELD®303 is an electrode that successfully welds steels with unknown composition or condition.


EUWELD®303 fixes many problems that no other electrode can fix.


With its priceless universality, EUWELD®303 does not require any special working skills or technology, on the contrary:

  1. it operates on all arc welding AC or DC machines
  2. requires no cleaning of base material, it works on grease, rust, moisture, paint etc.
  3. the slag is practically self lifting
  4. operates in all positions
  5. even young and inexperienced welders, with EUWELD®303 produce successful weldments


Weldment made by EUWELD®303 does not change its characteristics up to temperatures of 1180°C. The weldment of electrode EUWELD®303 does not react to aggressive environments such as…….


All this makes EUWELD®303, unique universal electrode, specially designed for maintenance and repairs as well as production in complex constructions, which work in the most extreme conditions and with minimum overhead and risk.

For its unique coating, electrode EUWELD®303, does not react sensitive on humidity and water environments and can be used forever.



Tensile strength
Rm (N/mm²)
Yield strength
Re (N/mm²)
After welding After stress
900 680 40 220 HB 44 HRc



AC or DC (+) or (-)



Diameter(mm) 2,4 3,2 4,0 5,0
Min   (A) 40 60 80 100
Max   (A) 85 120 140 160


EUWELD®303 does not require heat drying before usage.