EUWELD®770 is a specially coated, tri-metal cored cast iron electrode, based of copper – nickel – iron, for welding of all types of cast iron without preheating.
The unique features of EUWELD®770 assure reliable welding of cracked, worn, broken or otherwise damaged cast iron parts. It is used for gray, nodular or tempered cast iron, and for welding cast iron to steel.

The tri – metal core is a complex alloy, containing components preventing hardening and brittleness of the base material. Stabilization of the graphite structures provides excellent mach inability and prevents cracking.



Beveling is extremely important when welding cast iron and is determined by the thickness of the base material. U bevels are used for thinner and double U for thicker parts of where easily accessible. As castings are rarely of uniform thickness and are often of complex configuration, it is not always possible to bevel through the full thickness of the casting.

EUWELD®770 provides a weld with a considerably higher elongation and tensile strength compared to the base metal, so it is not always required to bevel through the entire casting wall. Recommended beveling techniques are shown bellow:
Chamfer the edges of the bevel. Preferably bevel with EUWELD®100, a specially designed arc beveling electrode. It provides a rough bevel surface, much better suited for welding compared to the smooth surface after grinding.


Apply EUWELD®770 without weaving, maintaining a short arc at low amperage. The deposit is uniform and with little slag which is easily removable. This assures minimal heating of the electrode, deposit and base metal, giving excellent results every time.



Tensile strength
Rm (N/mm²)
Hardness HB
450 30 176



AC or DC (+) or (-)



Diameter(mm) 2,4 3,2 4,0
Min   (A) 50 70 100
Max   (A) 70 100 130