EUWELD®S60 is a universal, special rutile coated electrode designed for all mild and miscellaneous steels, in the shape of sheets, profiles, castings, pipes, tubes, etc.(structures and building constructions, storage tanks and boilers, ship building, vessels, tanks, bridges, trailers, railway coaches, automobile parts, steel furniture, as well as in maintenance in all industries).

EUWELD®S60 is the only mild and miscellaneous steel coated electrode that can work in all positions (horizontal, vertical up and down, and overhead) without changing the amperage.

EUWELD®S60 is designed with a unique coating offering:

  • easy, instant start and stable arc support
  • easy restart
  • comfortable arc height – does not stick on contact and will not go out when lifted
  • uniform melting over the whole length within a wide current span
  • excellent penetration, even at low currents, giving maximum strength welds
  • equally operative with AC and DC
  • stable operation at low currents, suitable for very thin parts
  • application in all positions and easy transition from one position to another
    without changing the amperage
  • because of its specially designed coating, which allows fast cooling of the slag, it gives great results on the circular welding which are usually done by cellulose coated electrodes
  • clean, well-formed deposit without porosity, even on dirty, greasy, and rusty metal
  • thin and easily removable slag
  • emits no toxic fumes
  • dependable results even with inexperienced welders or in a very difficult positions or working conditions



Tensile strength
Rm (N/mm²)
Yield strength
Re (N/mm²)
Shock resistant J    -20°C
600 540 25 90




Diameter(mm) 2,5 3,2 4,0 5,0
Min (A) 40 60 100 130
Max (A) 70 110 140 200



AC or DC (+) or (-)


EUWELD®s60 is packed in special containers and does not require heat drying before use.