EUWELD®100 is a special coated electrode for arc beveling, cutting and drilling of all metals, excluding magnesium.

The specially designed coating of EUWELD®100 transforms the energy of the electric arc into an extremely strong jet of gases blowing away the molten metal. The reaction, however, is such that there is no excessive heating of the electrode or the base metal, regardless of the high current used. In result, beveling, cutting or drilling is fast, efficient, cost effective and simple EUWELD®100 is the best solution for:

  • beveling before welding
  • removing excess deposit or base metal
  • clearing of cracks, pores and other defects in castings
  • removing old rivets, rusty bolts and nuts etc.
  • drilling and trepanning metal
  • cutting of sheets, profiles, castings, chamfering edges, etc.


When beveling, the electrode is held at low angle ( 5- 10°C ) and is guided along the center line of the bevel, dipping the tip in the formed groove. This is performed by fast moves following the rate of the melting, which is proportional to the applied current.

When cutting, the tip of the electrode is moved in the plan of the cut from top to bottom, pointing the arc in the direction of the cut.



AC or DC (+) or (-)



Diameter(mm) 3,2 4,0
Min   (A) 150 180
Max   (A) 350 400