DESCRIPTION: While welding, this heat-resistant compound can hold irregular parts firmly in place.
EUWELD® Handy jig shapes like putty and will not burn, crack, melt, swell or interrupt alignment.

In addition to use as a temporary „vise“, EUWELD® Handy jig protects enameled section, rubber, glass and paint from heat.

  • Asbestos Free – Does not contain toxic elements
  • Whitstands heat, even abov 3000 F
  • Maintains shape when heated

PROCEDURE: Using a thin layer of EUWELD® Handy jig, cover entire area to be protected. In the case of extrem heat, use a thicker covering. If moisture will be harmful to the part, a sheet of impervious plastic wrap sholud be put on first- then the Hendi-Jig placed on top. When used for positioning, treat each šart individually.

Place one part in a mound of EUWELD® Handy jig as the other part is placed in a separate mound of EUWELD® Handy jig. Position parts as desired.