Wear System:

Unique system which is giving dramatic solutions which is eliminating long hours of hardfacing.

– Metallurgically formulated steel to give a hardness of 60 HRc throughout the whole material

– Special “Black Chrome Finish” yields an exterior skin hardness of 72 HRc

– Center and corners plug shape allows for easy attachment with our electrode EUWELD® 307

– EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC can be replaced individually as needed.

Advantages of EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC wear system:

– EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC can be finished in 1/10 of the time of hardfacing.

– EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC has the same hardness of 60 HRc throughout the whole surface of 5 mm (while the hardness varies during harfacing with electrodes).

– EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC wear system has longer life then the hardfaced surface.

– EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC does not change mechanical properties or the repaired parts, as it happens while hardfacing by welding because of the heating influence while welding for a long time.

– EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC is a universal dimensions, which makes it simple for applying, storage and transport.

– EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC has dimensions of 100mm x 150mm x 5mm, so the place for storaging different dimension are not necessary.

– EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC can be applied at the spot, on the field, and can also be replaced individually as needed.

– EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC wear system creates a compact surface which increases the wear resistance.


EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC wear system is applicable on all parts with wear exposure that are in contact with the earth surfaces, such as:

– mine industries.

– construction industries.

– agriculture industries.

– cement industries.

– ceramic industries

– brick industries etc.

Users guide:

– clean up the area with the wire brush

– make sure the are to be protected is smooth and flat, so EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC entire perimeter should be in contact with the base material.

– arrange EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC in the desired pattern.

– weld EUWELD® DIAMOND DISC‘s in the central holes to the base material using our electrode EUWELD® 307 – 3,2mm

– weld the angles which form the same holes as the central with EUWELD® 307 electrode.

Produced designed and produced in USA