We also have a specialized program for the oil and gas industry, developed in–house using our own manufacturing technology and from our extensive knowledge and experience in the Oil & Gas industry.


EUWELD® is the global specialist in alloyed cored welding wires. Each of our drill shield hard banding wires is specifically formulated and produced in-house, utilizing our own manufacturing technology and from extensive Oil & Gas industry knowledge.


EUWELD DRILL-SHIELD – the ultimate protection for your drill string and casing.


DRILL-SHIELD Non Mag: The Non Mag sets the standard in joint protection for non magnetic drill collars and tools.

DRILL-SHIELD Ti: Titanium, vanadium, and niobium carbides for best-in-class tool joint protection.

DRILL-SHIELD Nb: Niobium, vanadium, and titanium carbides for best welding operator appeal.

DRILL-SHIELD CC: Crack-free multi-car- bide for best-in-class compatibility.

EUWELD HARD EXTREME: A unique torch brazing alloy comprised of a nickel/bronze matrx with sharp edged “Virgin” Tungsten (Wolfram) Carbide suspended within the matrix.