In all industries, welding is a technological process that is either extremely important or dominant. After years of experience working with people that are involved in welding, we recognized some problems that they are having, and by trying to help them overcome those problems, EUWELD® has created a range of products specially designed for maintenance and repairs and a range of products specially designed for welding in production processes.

What are the welding problems in maintenance and repairs?

From the maintenance and repair personnel, it is asked:

– To fix the problem “before it even happens”!

– To not have any production downtime, or if it happens to minimize it.

– To reduce the number of employees in maintenance department, because they are “nonprofitable”.

– To minimize the costs of maintenance.

In practice, the requests asked from the maintenance personnel are unrealizable. Why?

To fix the problems before they even appear, the maintenance must have a large number of spear parts on their stocks, and this means welding consumables as well – electrodes and wires, to react quickly to all the problems and again it is impossible to have it all on stock.

Why? Well, today there are many different types of steels, cast irons, copper alloys, aluminum alloys etc., from which many parts and equipments were produced from. This makes it impossible to have all the needed welding consumables on stock. Even if the stock is big, the maintenance personnel cannot recognize the alloy they have in front of them (well of course unless they have x-ray vision), and of course they can’t decide what electrode or wire to use.

So, even with a large number of electrodes and wires on stock, which costs a lot, they can not fix all the problems quickly and safely, and without production downtime, while they have to save time and money.

EUWELD®-s welding consumables program for maintenance and repair is by universality and quality more superior then the others!

If You trust EUWELD®, with minimal expenses and with minimal downtime, with no welding mistakes, Your maintenance and repairs personnel will take care of all the problems that are asked from them.

What are the welding problems in production?

In today’s modern world, with the open borders for the flow of goods and capital, where the competition is the way of business life, the production must be organized in a way for the product to be the same or better quality then the competitors, with the faster delivery at the lowest possible prices!
In the productions where welding is needed, EUWELD®’s electrodes and welding wires, with its quality which is always better then the standards requests and with the prices which is always competitive, will help You produce better but cheaper products.

Trust EUWELD® and you will be assured that,