EUWELD®CEL is a cellulose coated electrode, for all position, even vertical – down deep penetration welding of root runs, hot passes, filler and cover layers of large diameter pipelines and all circular welding jobs.

EUWELD®CEL specialized coating allows it to weld in difficult situations, such as greasy and rusty parts. It also gives excellent welding results in “out of position work”.

EUWELD®CEL special coating, makes it the best cellulosic welding solution for extremely difficult pipeline repairs, while in combinations with EUWELD®S60 is the best solution for all pipeline welding jobs.

EUWELD®CEL specialized designed offers:

  • easy, instant start and stable arc support
  • easy restart
  • comfortable arc height – does not stick on contact and will not go out when lifted
  • uniform melting over the whole length within a wide current span
  • excellent penetration, even at low currents, giving maximum strength welds
  • stable operation at low currents, suitable for very thin parts
  • dependable results even with inexperienced welders or in a very difficult positions
    or working conditions
  • slag can be welded over without prior removal
  • weld with outstanding impact strength values, offering extreme safety in pipeline



Tensile strength
Rm (N/mm²)
Yield strength
Re (N/mm²)
Shock resistant J    -20°(J)
570 510 28 70



Diameter(mm) 2,4 3,2 4,0 5,0
Min   (A) 25 35 50 75
Max   (A) 75 125 160 200



DC (+) or (-)

EUWELD®cel is packed in special containers and heat drying is forbidden.